Guest Posts

Guest Post Guidelines

The guest posts should be in good English without any mistakes.

The target audience of this blog is software engineers and physicians from India living in USA only.

You must not copy it from somewhere. It should be from your own experience.

Each guest post should be at least 600-1500 words, the longer the better and should include at least one original picture that you took [Dont copy any pic from the web by googling as we should not use others’ pics without permission]

Each blog post that you send will be checked for any plagiarism so do not bother if you are sending any content which is already published anywhere even if it is your own blog.

Keep the content EVERGREEN so that the points you discuss can be valid even if a visitor reads after a year.

Be pleasant or neutral in your language.

No political or religious topics are allowed.

Any topic that talks about how to save money, how to invest for good returns, apps that save money, travel hacks, etc. are welcome.

Any topic / experience related to health and money that you think will help other desis are welcome as guest posts. Others should be able to do what you did and get similar results.

You can be paid up to $20 for each published blog post. Your name will be posted at the end of the blog post if you want but usually your name won’t be posted. You wont have any rights once it is published. It can be removed at your request but you will have to return the money you got paid if your blog post is removed at your request . Final rights whether it will be published or not are completely up to us as we should get confidence that every blog post should help Desis in USA.

Please email us first with your ideas for a blog post just so you won’t end up wasting time if that blog post is not accepted. Our blog is

Submit via contact me page of this blog.