How to get the best scores in 2019 in USMLE exams?

What USMLE score is the best score for you?

TIPS TO GET THE BEST SCORE IN USMLE EXAMS -Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The best score means different number to different people. I would rephrase that there are a few things you can do to get the best scores that you are capable of.

You need to DO certain things to get the best scores in USMLE. Here are the things that you can do to get the maximum score that you can get.

‘Unlike’ all the groups and pages in Facebook that you do not currently benefit for this exam. Exit all the WhatsApp groups that you think do not help. You can always join again.

Stop watching TV. There is nothing that is useful for you for this exam. Do not worry about local politics. Do not worry about some love story tragedy news. Media keeps repeating news about them. Duh..

Avoid social parties as much as you can. They are a huge distraction and waste your valuable time.

Wake up early or sleep late and use that extra time to read. Maintain the same timings daily until one week before the exam during which time, you have have to sleep on time and wake up at normal time.

Select a fixed number of books that you want to read for this particular exam that you are reading for now. Have all of them with you at the beginning of the exam preparation so you know exactly how much to read.

Finish the first reading quickly, even though you don’t remember everything you read. This gives confidence and familiarity with time management. You can plan second and third readings better in a very efficient way. Annotate while reading first time. This will make revisions fast.

Always read and after that think and be prepared in a way that you can explain it to someone in an easy way to understand.

Try to look for a mentor to get help, among those who are ahead of you. You may find one or may not. If you find one, be nice to them and don’t bother them too much. Ask for help when you are struck or overwhelmed.

Do not blame parents for anything. Do not assume they know what you need. Ask for help if you need but try to figure it out yourself. Moral support-mmm.. not all parents can give their kids. If they give, you are lucky or else they need your moral support. Focus on reading for now. 

Learn how to relax. This is a must. All the successful people know how to relax. Relax several times a day. Calm down. Relax your mind. Relax your muscles.  Pray god to help you.

Do not look at phone every few minutes. Luckily, when I prepared for these exams, I did not have a smart phone. No one had as they were not available. If you had to wake up at night to pee, do not look at phone. It will screw up your sleep and the next day’s reading too.

Have your own study room if possible. It is better to be in your own world if you can utilize for good. If you can not read alone, library or reading room is your second option. I used to read alone sitting near a window so I can see outside world but they won’t be able to disturb me as I close the window and look out through the window.

Do not get distracted and start reading online unless you are doing question bank. It is more time consuming and stressful to read online. Distractions are easy too online.

Do not open YouTube unless you are preparing for interview. There is so much distracting content that it can waste your whole day.

Be positive. You must prepare in a way that you don’t have a second choice other than to make it to residency in USA.

Do not worry about Connections. You can easily make connections if you have good scores. I got it without connections.

Read as many times as possible. Photographic memory is what you should develop. You should be able to remember the pages of your material by the time you take the exam. This happens if you read multiple times. First 2 or 3 readings take time but after that you can finish one book in a day. You just see the page and remember most of the content by that time.

Keep yourself healthy. Do not eat sugar or sweet stuff. Avoid sugar at any cost. Use steps if you can here and there. It will give enough exercise for now. Do not go out into crowds if possible as you can catch some cold wasting your time.

If you want to make at least $300,000 per year, read well. It is as simple as that. lol. 

Comment below if you have more to share. Good luck. God bless you.

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