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Can we book round trip ticket for parents duration more than 6 months. Do we have any issues at immigration?

Not recommended to extend stay beyond 6 months as they ask tons of questions in subsequent visits. Usually frowned upon by immigration officers

What’s the best way to send one luggage full of stuff to India?

Best is to find the right person and send it through them as additional baggage. It’s cheaper compared to courier service. I did the same way.

Garudavega courier services, DTDC, Universal Relocations Inc, Cathay 23 kg 180$ extra luggage, Emirates- 23 kg for additional suitcase, they charge $200, but 50% off if you buy online , minimum 4 hours before flight, Indian Custom duty ₹17300 was levied when sending with $130 via USPS

Get latest Bollywood songs collection for a party. Suggestions where to get a DVD or repository of songs?

Youtube or spotify. Youtube has good non stop mixes which can be downloaded and converted to mp3 using chrome extensions. SoundCloud. Gaana app- You can download and make your own mix tape on your phone.


Moving to India for good. Options to ship her household stuff to India?

Put things in a container ship it to desired port in India. Get the stuff custom cleared under Transfer of residence HS code to avoid custom duty.