The best study motivatoin quotes for those preparing for USMLE

usmle best motivation quotes
Best motivation quotes

“You don’t need intelligence. You need patience to get through this. Patience to sit hours a day and read even though you feel lonely. Even though you feel frustrated. Even though it’s boring. Even though you are not married yet. lol.”


“Your time is much more valuable than what you think it is. You will know once you are successful. Don’t waste it now.”


“No, I don’t ever give up. I would have to be dead or incapacitated to give up.” -Elon Musk.


“What a difference ONE SINGLE day can make. Don’t give up on your dreams. Use everyday.”


“Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will become easy.”-Les Brown


“Mom always takes us closer to her with love. The one time she asks us to go away is when she wants us to become successful in our life. THIS is the time. Make her happy while you go and achieve even if away from her.”


“Do not forget that your parents are dreaming about a great life for you every time they see you studying. Their dreams are true. Your preparation must be genuine. Don’t bring a tear from their eyes by not putting your best effort.”


“The first treatment for everything is RELAX. Calm down. Peace. Comfort. Now, think about the solution.”


“Don’t waste time on temporary pleasures. Your goal gives you sustainable pleasure. So, use all your time towards your goal so your life will have fulfillment.”


“Overthinking is the biggest enemy of success. Plan quick and keep executing your plan.”


“There are millions of eligible spouses for everyone of those who is not married yet. Don’t go after one now and waste your time. If it happens, let it happen but focus on exams now. You will later realize that you could have gotten a better one. lol.”


“The most important skill one needs for success is DELAYED gratification. Postponing happiness.”


“Don’t worry about being the best. It pulls you back. Some days, you look good, some days not. Some days, your clothes are awesome, some days not. Still go forward and work for your goal/read.”


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”


“No shame. No shyness. We are all working for success in life. Do the way you think will help you reach your goal.”


“RUN YOUR OWN RACE. Do not compare yourself with others reading speed. Set a goal daily to read e.g. 50 pages and complete it at any cost. If you are done celebrate it.”


“Most people fail as they have addiction to distraction. Distraction can be in the form of notifications, texting, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, beautiful neighbor, etc.” Don’t allow distraction to spoil your future.”


“Success does not come to those who work only on days that they feel good. Same way, great scores do not come if we read only on those days in which we feel good. Read every single freaking day.”


“Become someone so great that no one around you even imagined that you would be one day.”


“I always felt low while preparing for exams. I asked my senior what should I do. He told me “When you are feeling low, start thanking god for everything good that you have today, pray for even better future and you will feel better instantly.” What a truth was it.”


“Always “Mind your own business” while you are preparing for exams.”


This is the most energetic age of your life. This is the most efficient stage of your life. This is the most opportunistic era of our lives. Use all of them to your advantage. Achieve the maximum you can.”


“Our brains have only a fixed amount of energy per day. If you know that, you will use it only for reading during exam preparation and not for other useless things.”


“If you want to be in the top 1%, you must do what the bottom 99% won’t do.”


“Don’t feel like reading? Make it a health day. Massage your hair. Get a haircut. Remove unwanted hair. Take a long shower. You are now fresh to read more.”


“Comparison is the thief of your valuable time. Do your best to become your best.”


“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest to achieve success.”


“Wear comfortable clothes so that you can read better. You don’t need to impress others with your clothing. After exams, you can wear anything you want.”


“When you look from top, everything looks good. Reach the top if you want good things in life. It’s doable. Tell yourself “You’re doing it.”


“Congratulations guys and girls. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are disturbing and wasting time for a lot of your competitors every single day. If you are clever and escape from them, you will be a winner.”

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