What kind of patients do you have trouble dealing with?

We can say something like

“Non compliance patients with food [salt in CHF patients], smoking [COPD patients on oxygen], alcohol in Cirrhotic patients, medications non compliance due to insurance issues in most medical problems, as its very difficult to treat these conditions with non compliance.  I will explain them the importance of being compliant with diet, smoking and healthy habits but if they continue to be non complaint, it could be difficult to deal with.”

“Some patients ask to be treated by only an AMERICAN DOCTOR and do not want to see foreign doctors. I can try to explain that I will take good care of you but they may not agree.”

“Some narcotic medications seeking patients can insist on high dose intravenous narcotic doses even though there is no clinical need.  These patients may be difficult to deal with.”

“Some patients can insist on doing certain tests and prescribing certain medications like antibiotics when there is no clear need. They base their requests from their research on google or TV ads. Convincing otherwise can be difficult at times.”

“Some patients who are sick in the hospital may insist on going home even though they are not very stable yet. I will try to explain to them the reason for not discharging them but if they do not want to stay despite making them understand the consequences, they will have to sign out Against Medical Advice [AMA] but before they sign out, I will make sure they have capacity to make their own medical decisions.” 

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