11 things that I do daily that changed my life for better

Most of us have some habits that really have a very positive impact on our day to day life.

Definitely, there could be a few we all have that take a toll on our lives.

Our endeavor should be to improve ourselves day by day.

I have a few habits that are really making a positive impact on my life.

I will share them here.


Drinking water early in the morning:

Being well hydrated helps our body function well. 

It also helps maintain good blood pressure especially in those who tend to have low blood pressure.

Not driving in rush and not texting while driving: 

Our lives have become extremely busy. 

I make it a point to not rush with driving as safety is my utmost priority.

Texting is a big no unless the car is stopped.

Relax multiple times a day:

Some do meditation in the morning.

I believe that meditation should not be just limited to a few minutes a day.

Through out the day, we should take a few seconds or a minute to relax multiple times.

I sit calmly and take a nice deep breath and tell myself that I have to relax mentally and physically.

This has helped me reduce anxiety and minimize stress.

Healthy habits for a happier life
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Using “questions with request” to ask someone to do what I say: 

In our daily life, we have to work with all kinds of personalities. 

We never know whom we are going to offend unknowingly. 

I use “Please” and ask others to do something in the form of a question. 

For example, If I want to tell someone to do some work, I would say “Can you please do that work?” instead of saying “This is what you are going to do” or “You are going to do this work”. 

15 min exercise: 

I realized that finding time to do some exercise is kind of difficult especially when we feel that we have to do exercise for 30min to one hour. 

It became very easy to find time to do exercise if I tell myself that I will do 15 min exercise. 

Dumbbells are the most easily available things that one can use to do some exercise with some weights. 

Relaxing shower after work: 

A relaxing shower after work is the best time of the day. 

Feeling that I am getting healthy and happy while taking shower makes my mind very relaxed. 

Eat vegetables and fruits daily:

Natural food without much processing are very healthy for our body.

We are what we eat.

I make it a point to eat vegetables and some fruits every day.

I eat fruits with different colors as they have different vitamins and minerals to help in overall good health.


Hug and kisses to the family

Kids need lot of love to make them healthy adults both mentally and physically.

Before sleep, a hug and a kiss to the kids helps them grow into good adults.

Minimize screen time: 

Already work life is so busy that taking care of kids adds to stress  in our lives. 

Without our knowledge, we are making ourselves miserable by increasing screen time especially those small screens like smart phones and tablets.

If I ever feel mentally tired, I just stop using my phone and tablet. 

Belief that Arguments are for learning not winning:

Every day in our interactions, there is always a chance that we encounter people who disagree with our opinion. 

If ever any argument arises, I feel that arguments are for learning rather than for winning on other people. 

This has made all my arguments very healthy or entertaining or educational. 


Not comparing my life with others: 

I believe that there is always someone who is better than we are.

I never compare myself with others in anything.

I just try to be a better person every new day. 


Do you agree with me? Do you have any habits that are helping you a lot in your life? Please send a message to me. 

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