AAA membership? Are you using all the benefits it offers?

Do you have roadside assistance for your car?

Auto Insurance companies provide roadside assistance. Some credit cards may also provide roadside assistance. 

I always use AAA membership for that. 

I have used AAA membership for towing, changing battery, jump starting the car and unlocking the car when I forgot keys in the car trunk accidentally and locked the back door.

Here are some of the important points that may help someone one day about AAA membership and its benefits. 

If you have sprint phone, you can get the basic plan membership paid for free.

AAA Plus has quicker service than using the one through insurance in general. It allows me to have the car towed 100 miles.

You can also have documents notarized at AAA.

you can take care of all DMV business in their office without having to deal with the DMV unless you are on a visa.

The discounts that we get from retailers and hotels more than pay for our membership.

The hotel and airport parking discounts are very useful.

Some use AAA membership for travel services-the travel store (maps, books, advice galore) and travel discounts.


There are some limitations too: 

You are allotted only so many tows. They put us in tow ” probation” if we exceed our allotted tows for that period. If you renew automatically every year, you could get an extra tow to avoid probation.

roadside service (especially in rural areas) AAA is useless or has extended expected time of arrival [ETAs]. They often will call local police to deal with and call tow or maintenance services.

Before you take their membership, talk to your auto insurance first. Compare pricing & benefits and take action.




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