Facebook Groups To Discuss About Money, Saving, Investing, Stocks and Passive Income

What are good Facebook groups to join where discussion about saving, investing and earning passive income are discussed?

Money is a tool to do what ever you want to do. It is not the only important thing in life. But, it is a very important part of our lives.

Money keeps moving from one person to an other and from one form to an other. Today it may be money in our bank but tomorrow, it may become our house or our car.

The interesting thing we should know is that we all should learn how to move money one place to an other.

Money can make more money depending on how we move them from one place to an other and from one form to an other.

Where do you learn more about money i.e. saving, investing, etc.?

There are a lot of personal finance books that you can read that teach you how to move money and make money in the process.

You can read about Personal finance books here.

You can also read some book reviews mentioned in this blog like RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki. There is an other great book called The Millionaire Next Door.

Did you join any one of the Facebook groups that talk about personal finance so far? If not, why?

The time spent learning more about personal finance is the one of the most useful ways to spend your valuable time.

Here are a few groups that I joined in and learn about money.

If you are interested you can join. If you don’t like what is discussed, you can always leave the group and look for other groups.

I will add more groups if I find. Please share the groups if you are already in so that others can benefit.

Some of these groups are more focused on FIRE. It is not real Fire in literal sense but it is Financial Independence and Retire Early.

Due to the mounting stress in doing job, lot of people are aiming to retire early these days by living a frugal lifestyle and saving as much as possible.

It is how much one saves that determines how much wealthy one becomes. You can never predict the future. There is also a term called minimalism.

In lay man terms, minimalism is living and being happy on minimal things.

In today’s world, we buy and spend a lot more than we absolutely need. To do that, we keep working all our lives.

Lot of elderly people have no savings and they are forced to work until very late in life. There is no time left to pursue their desires.

Even doctors who are supposed to be earning high income are in these Facebook groups discussing how to manage money.

It shows how important it is to learn as much about passive income, saving, investing to become wealthy and finally give others who are less fortunate.

Millennial Money Man

Your Money and Your Life

Money Masters


Money Masters

Below this are for doctors but some of them may allow non-physicians too. You can try and see.

Physician on fire

Passive Income Docs

Physician Side Gigs

White coat investors

I am not recommending you to join Facebook or waste your valuable time in social media. But, if you want to learn more about personal finance, this is a beginning.

Good luck with your finances.

Learn more and take charge of your finances. Grow your money. Live a happy life.

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