How I achieved exceptional credit card score?

The One thing I did that surprisingly increased my credit score to exceptional level

highest credit score 875
How to get an Exceptional Credit score [Citicard]
exceptional credit score [Discover card]

I started my credit journey 14 years ago. When I was in the University, I was offered a student credit card by Citi bank.

I am very thankful to citicards for that. From that time, the card helped me never to think about money when I need it.

I just needed that card in my pocket. I was given $800 limit which was enough for my needs at that time.

Later, after finishing masters and getting, the credit journey was easy as you all know.

All these years, my credit score hardly crossed 750. It was not going up. I used to pay my bills on time.

I never had any late payments. However, the score was always around 750 plus or minus 20.

I was not very interested in working on improving that number anyway because 750 was a good number already to get good mortgage or auto loan interest rate.


Recently, I saw my credit score and it was very high. I looked into the reason why this could have happened.

What happened was, I took balance transfers of $45,000 total from two credit cards with 3% fee and paid that within one year of allotted time in that offer.

I did not pay all the money at once. I started paying few thousands every week and as I kept paying the score kept going up.

After I paid all of the $45,000,  I achieved this exceptional credit score.

I put pictures from two different cards showing different numbers but I am  not sure why it is different but you understand that either way, it is a good score and it improved.

This is just sharing my experience but I don’t recommend that you take loans or balance transfers on your credit cards to achieve this.

If you need money, it is up to you whether you take balance transfers but I’m not recommending that you to take balance transfer just to increase your score.

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