How I get all my clothes from GAP for free?

The best technique to get all the clothes for free from Gap store

Buy clothes for free at GAP
Free clothes from GAP


How does it feel to be able to buy all your clothes for free? Some store cards may help you do this.

This cannot start from the day one that you take their store card.

For me, I had to wait and use the initial card for a few months and then I got this upgraded card that is helping my entire family get free clothes all year long.

Initially, I took a store card from Gap store and started using it for all my expenditures outside of GAP also.

They noticed that I’m spending significant amount every month and so they sent me Visa signature card  which can also be used in Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta with Rewards.

With time, I noticed that the rewards are a lot of dollars for every $100 I spend. As you can see in the picture I accumulated more than $1,155 in 2018 just from using my Gap store card.

One cannot apply for this card online as it’s only  obtained as ‘invitation only’.

I also save a lot of money with 30% coupons from Kohl’s as I have Kohl’s store card.

I think it is a good idea to take Store Cards like these two, GAP and Kohl’s to save a lot of money.

This is just what I experienced. Learn more about it and take your own decision if you want to try these cards.



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