Best ways To reduce auto insurance premiums

How to reduce Auto Insurance Premiums?

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Obviously,  if you’re staying with one auto insurance company for a long time, they might give you extra benefits with time as you are a loyal customer for them.

But, if you don’t call them periodically, you will lose the opportunity to decrease the cost of your auto insurance.

What I have done was every 6 months or 1 year, I will call them and ask them a questions “how can I reduce the premium?” I would tell them that I am planning to change to a different insurance company if they can’t help you with reducing premium.

I would ask the agent to help me. Most of the time, they’ll go to your insurance profile and let you know different ways they can decrease Auto premium.

The most easiest way is to increase the deductible from $500 to $1,000 which will reduce the price of Auto premium as we should be aware that these insurances should be to help you in the case of a disaster but not to help you to claim small damages which will increase your premium.

The other way, I did, was to call them and ask if they have any programs for example ‘Progressive’ has a program called ‘snapshot program’ where they will give you a small machine to hook it to your car which will record your driving skills.

It mainly monitors your sudden breaks. It will beep whenever you apply a sudden break which then becomes a negative point.

This program if you do well can potentially decrease auto insurance premium by 30%. I got 30% discount on one car [Audi] but the other car [Honda] did not do well.

This snapshot program is done over a period of several weeks so you have to be driving carefully during that period.

Worst case, they may not give you a 30% discount but they won’t increase your premium unless you have an accident.

These two techniques helped me save some money.

Please find out more information from your insurance company and act accordingly with their help as I am not an expert in this field.

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