How I saved Thousands Of Dollars while buying Real Estate

How One can Save A lot of money while buying Real estate or Rental properties?

how to save money while buying rental propertiesI always wanted to save money.

At the time of buying a real estate, especially brand new construction, it is easy to save money.

It will work well if you know one or two friends who bought houses in the same community that you are planning to buy.

Study those friends’ houses and learn as much as possible before going to the builder agent to buy.

At the end of the quote that the builder agent gives, go home and re-evaluate the upgrades that you included in this quote whether you really want anything changed or not.

Talk to your friends again if you are lucky to have who also bought similar properties in the same community as it will make it easier for you to know what you are paying for similar upgrades. Then call the sellers’ agent and tell that you are not involving any buyer’s real estate agent and ask for discount.

I got $2500 in my first property and $4000 in my second property.

I told the same thing to my friend and he got $4000 discount using the same technique.

It may not work well if you are planning to buy old property as you might need some help with buying old properties.



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