How to easily earn cashback on your online purchases with EBATES on top of your coupons?

Earn around 10% cash back on your purchases with EBATES app.

Cash back on online purchases
EBATES: Cash back, Featured stores
EBATES: Cash back in- store

One day, I was talking to my friend and he introduced me to an app called EBATES. Initially, I did not care.

Later, he showed $75 cash back that he got. At that time, I could not ignore anymore.  

Essentially, this app contains the referral links to different stores.

If you want to buy anything, go to this app and find/search the store name. It will show how much cash back you will get.

Then, you click on that store name in the app and the app will take you to the online retailer like Kohl’s or Amazon or Walmart dot com.

After that, you buy anything as you do otherwise.

You can buy and ask the item to be delivered to home if it is amazon or you can buy and pick it up in the store if it is Kohls or Walmart.

In the picture, it shows that if we buy in Amazon via this app, we get 12% cash back.

We get 11% cash back if we order online in Kohls dot com through this app and pick it up in the store.


Steps involved in this process:

  1. Download EBATES app here. Sign up with my invite link for a $10 bonus to you.
  2. Make an account with your email. No need for any credit card for this.
  3. Click on “Featured” if you want to buy online in sites like Amazon or Kohls or walmart [you can pick up in stores].
  4. Click on “In-store” if you want cash back when you buy in store. In this case, when you click on “Get Deal” by the side of your store in which you are shopping, you will be prompted to add your credit card and after adding the credit card in the EBATES app, you can use that credit card in the store and get cash back form the EBATES app later.
  5. Please do this only if you fully understand about the process. This article is for information only. You can do more research before proceeding to signing up for EBATES.

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