Do you or your kids eat eggs on a regular basis as a source of protein?

Eggs are one of the most important proteins available for us to consume on a daily basis

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Fill water up to designated mark in the lower part before closing and placing in microwave for 10min.

I always wanted to eat healthy.

Our health completely depends on what we eat. There is not much we can do about non-modifiable risk factors for health like genetics. Our bodies are basically what we eat.

Our body needs a lot of protein to keep our muscle mass and also protein is important for the kids to grow.

I was trying different methods to make my kids eat eggs but they wouldn’t like the taste of egg white as it is very bland.

Determined that I am to make them eat eggs or any protein for that matter to make them grow well I did some research online.

After doing some basic research I came up with a plan.

Basically, I bought a small egg boiler which can boil 4 eggs at a time in 10 minutes in microwave.

This egg boiler needs water to be filled up to a mark that the lower part of this boiler has and keeping in the microwave for 10 minutes and the well cooked hard boiled eggs are ready.

After that I remove the shell and put them in the Indian curry that I make so that the egg whites attain some taste of the curry. Now, he kids liked the taste of the eggs because it has the taste that they acquired from the curry.

I noticed significant improvement in the kids growth once they started eating eggs.

It is good to give protein to the kids in the form of chicken or any other meat if they are able to eat but we can not make chicken everyday. So, I plan to give one or two eggs everyday.

Usually, I try to avoid too many egg yolks in one day so I remove egg yolk from one egg and give one egg yolk per day along with one egg white to each kid.

Hope this helps parents of those kids who are picky in eating but definitely require protein source in their diet to help them grow well.

This egg boiler is very easy to clean. You can just put it in dish water. Only three parts and no cord or battery needed.

Actually, it does not need cleaning daily. I sometimes clean it once in 3 days. Overall, it saves time and helps in health. What a great item this is.

As always, read the package instructions before using the egg boiler. You can buy it on Amazon if interested.

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