How to easily take excellent care of your teeth?

How can you take excellent care of your teeth with minimal effort?

Take excellent care of your teeth
Floss Daily: Flat string for those with teeth very close togethe


What is the one thing you can start doing today that will help take excellent care of your teeth?

Teeth are very important part of our health.

If not cleaned properly, it can cause infections.

Lot of people get dental caries needing dental procedures and antibiotics and sometimes even dental surgeries.

The one important thing anyone can do with out much effort is to floss daily.

By brushing teeth, we are only cleaning part of our teeth.

The food is always stuck between the teeth which needs to be removed with the help of flossing. Food stuck between teeth can easily aid in infection thereby leading to more problems.

The string in the floss can be round or flat [like in the pic above]. If your teeth are very close like mine, these flat stringed floss help.

The other thing you can do to keep teeth in the best possible condition is, of course, to visit dentist twice a year. They clean and check for development of any complications.

These are not medical advices. You should always talk to your own dentist for your personal advices.

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