What is the best Baby gate for kids safety on stairs?

The best child or baby safety gate for preventing them from falling on the stairs?

Baby gate to prevent fall into the stairs
One of the best Baby gates for kids safety at the stairs


When my first kid was born I bought a few types of gates to prevent her from falling from upstairs.

After buying a few types, one day, we visited a friend’s family where we saw the stairs that are in the picture.

We immediately bought a few of these on Amazon.

We have Amazon prime so we order most of the items as they arrive in two days without any shipping costs.

It is easy to install and after installing them a few years ago, still, it is strong and did not need any adjustment.

In my view, every house with small kids should install some kind of safety gates like these to avoid accidental falls which could be disastrous.

I am sharing this because it may help someone who has a baby recently.

There are a lot of things that the new parents need to learn after the birth of the first baby.

This is my attempt to help those kind of young parents.

You can buy it on amazon if interested.


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