How to get free safety deposit box or locker in a bank?

Get a safety deposit box or locker in a bank for Free

free locker or safety depost box
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Every one of us have valuables in the form of some emergency cash or valuable documents related to property or some precious metal ornaments.

Whatever the kind of house you may live in, there is always a chance for theft.

One of my friend’s house was looted recently. They live in an independent single family house. That incident was a proof that no house is secure enough in this highly advanced tech world.

So, it may help to put some really valuable items in safety deposit boxes in a bank. Usually, they cost around a hundred dollars per year.

I went to party to one of my friend’s son’s birthday. They were talking about free safety deposit box. I was curious to know if any bank nearby my house that would offer this.

Luckily, I found PNC bank does offer a free safety deposit box or locker if we open certain kind of checking account. Within a week, most of my valuables are in the safety deposit box now in their bank.

You can find more details by going to their PNC Bank website if you live in PA. I am sure there are many banks which offer this facility. Find out in the nearby banks wherever you live.

free safety deposit box
$100 annual fee discount on Safe Deposit Box

PNC bank also gives a credit card which has 4% cash back on gas. It gives 3% on restaurants. I applied for it and now I am using that card just for gas. I have other cards for saving money at other places. The one best card I like is visa black invitation only card from gap which gave more than $1000 cash back this year. I buy all my family clothes in gap every few months virtually getting all my clothes for free. You can read more about that card in my post here.

Please comment below if you have any such tricks to save money and get great cash back.

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