How to save 10% on any appliances bought in Home Depot or Lowes?

Easy method to save 10% on high-cost appliances bought alien Home Depot or Lowes

Lowes 10% coupon
Lowes 10% coupon to help in HomeDepot

Recently, I finished the basement in my house. I had to buy a lot of material required for finishing basement in Home Depot.

I was talking to my friend who did the same a you weeks ago and luckily, he mentioned that we can get 10% discount on all of the material if we have Lowes 10% coupon.

I was curious to know how that works.

He explained to me that we can go to and search for “Lowes 10” and we can easily buy the coupons for couple of bucks and use that coupon in Home Depot to get the 10% discount.

Initially, I was skeptical as to how I can use one store coupon in another store but he was correct. I saved more than thousand dollars with this method.

When you search for 10% coupon in eBay it will pull up all the coupons which range from approximately from 1.5 dollars to anywhere upto $10 but if you click on “Under $2.00”  button on the top left [as shown in the picture] it will show the cheaper coupons available.

The delivery for most of these coupons is instant to email. It may sometimes take a few hours to get the email.

Make sure they have delivery method by email before buying any coupon because you need it as soon as possible rather than wait for 2-3 days for that.

I bought several of them up to 5 or 6 because if you needed appliances one time then you may need just one but if you’re finishing a basement or something, you may need multiple of them as you buy the material in different times based on the schedule of your basement finishing.

Hope this help somebody especially those who are finishing basement.

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