Planning a trip to and looking for parking in Ocean City Beach in New Jersey?

The parking I found on my trip to Ocean City Beach in New Jersey to park my car

best place to park car near ocean city new jersey
A good place to park car near Ocean city New Jersey


The first challenge we face when we are going to any city is car parking.

When ever I am planning a trip to a big city or busy place, I always wished someone helped me where to park the car.

This will save a lot of time. Of course, there will be lot of places to park our car but finding one easily relieves a lot of stress.

When ever we plan to go to any beach, my first obstacle used to be parking difficulty.

But, when we went to Ocean city in New Jersey, I loved the beach and the plenty of street parking very close to the Board walk on the beach. This street called Ocean Ave is very close to the beach/board walk and parallel to it. We can park very close to the board walk on Ocean avenue.

We can pay on the street just by the side of the car. Even if plan to stay longer than planned on the beach, we can come back to the car as it is very close to the beach and add some more quarters to extend our parking.

I am sharing this info hoping that it may help someone one day to make their trip to the beach more enjoyable removing the trouble of looking for parking.

In the GPS directions, I would put address of Harris house [1201 Ocean Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226] or you can google Tahiti inn as shown in the picture above and reach the destination where parking is available.

Ocean avenue has plenty of parking so I am sure you can find a place in the parallel parking on that street.

Good luck. Happy Beach day.

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